Achieve and Maintain Vintage Tone Now
"The ToneRite® is amazing! Within five days of using my ToneRite® the voice of my Cremona magically matured."Robert 'Bob' Benedetto - Benedetto Guitars
"The ToneRite Rawks! The ToneRite 3G was tested on a $10K Bourgeois guitar with stellar results. The Mids and Lows were markedly enhanced bringing this beautiful instrument to life. Listen for the 3G results on my upcoming 2013 record release!"Lindsey Boullt
"The ToneRite® has made a dramatic difference in the tone of new instruments, and has helped to 'wake up' vintage instruments that haven't been played in years."Eric Schoenberg - Schoenberg Guitars
"Eu sempre fui muito cético em relação à antiga suposição de que o instrumento melhorava na proporção em que era tocado, atribuindo-se tal melhora à vibração das notas o que levaria, por decorrência da ressonância, a uma reorganização molecular."Ulisses Rocha Loureiro Da Silva
"The guitar had a noticeable improvement everywhere from playing it 5 days prior. It sounded louder, seemed to have a wider and even dynamic range and the guitar responded to various string attacks."Tim McKnight - Guitar Luthier -
"Since discovering and getting my first ToneRite® in 2009, I have not stopped using them. Unless an instrument is being played or conveyed, it is being 'TonedRite' around the clock. It opens up new instruments, wakes up those left unplayed for a while, and keeps them all feeling played in and warmed up for whenever I select one or several to play."Paul Statman - Award winning mandolin player
"I knew the ToneRite did wonders for acoustic instruments, but was really surprised with the results on my signature PA1 Reverend guitar. The guitar is a semi-hollow body with a block running down the middle and it really 'livened' up the guitar. I try to keep the ToneRite plugged in when I'm not playing the guitar as much as possible."Pete Anderson Founder, Little Dog Records Multi-Platinum Grammy Award Winning Producer, Arranger, Songwriter, Guitarist, Legendary Bandleader, and Instrument Designer
"When you have too many guitars, you often don't have enough time to play with them all. I think having a ToneRite around really keeps the neglected guitars happy." "Henry Kaiser Antarctic Explorer, Psychedelic Blues Rock Guitarist Extraordinaire"Henry Kaiser Antarctic Explorer, Psychedelic Blues Rock Guitarist Extraordinaire
"Every Bad Seed guitar has the ToneRite treatment once completed. ToneRite ensures Bad Seed guitars are already broken in and “Ready to Rock” from the first time the case is opened. ToneRite really awakens the tone and play-ability of every Bad Seed custom guitar, even with Titanium and Steel bodies, the timber and electronics benefit greatly."Sheldon Currington Bad Seed Limited, Founder & Luthier (Maker of Titanium & Steel Electric Guitars)
"I put my Tone-Rite on my guitar after soundcheck, and I feel my confidence level is boosted immeasurably knowing that my guitar is being supercharged! Saw the demo at NAMM and was blown away! I will have a Tone-Rite 3G for each of my guitars, for years to come."Alex Raz
"I'll say I think it's great! It made both instruments sound their very best no matter what climate or humidity my tours brought me to. The more I used it the better they got...not just a little bit, but creates a definite, noticeable, positive audible difference."John Sherba - Kronos Quartet - Grammy Award Winner
"I must say, this is amazing! The two violins I was able to use it on have improved dramatically. Thank you."Toby Cumpstay - Director of Simply for Strings
"The ToneRite® supercharged my instruments to their max in volume and tone!  One of the most useful new products I've seen in a really long time!"Alan Bibey - Member of Grasstowne - Two Time SPBGMA Mandolin Player of the Year
"The ToneRite is brilliant! The change is way more evident than I had imagined it would be. My bass is open and free, with considerably more low-end. This device keeps the bass in the sort of shape it would be in if I was on it for hours a day."David Schwartz - Composer - Grammy and Two-time Emmy Nominee

Achieve and Maintain Vintage Tone Now

A key to great tone is constantly playing-in your instrument. The ToneRite® is the world's most advanced and premier play-in device. Significantly accelerating the play-in process and providing increased tone, playability, and balance, the ToneRite makes all of this available in a nearly silent, high quality, and portable manner.


The secret behind the ToneRite is its ability to continually produce and efficiently transfer vibrational energy into an instrument. ToneRite safely recreates and magnifies the same physics that naturally occur while playing. This stimulation generates a change to the instrument's integrated components and increases the resonate together as a whole. Not only will your instrument sound better, but the notes themselves will come easier and allow for playing difficult passages with less fatigue. The ToneRite will result in added volume with a fuller and more balanced sound.