Mandolin ToneRite

$ 149.00

One of the secrets of great sounding vintage instruments is the fact that they have been played-in for thousands of hours.  

The ToneRite accelerates the play-in process by using a set of sub-sonic frequencies to simulate the same physics as long term playing.  

Simply attach the ToneRite whenever you are not playing and expect to hear a dramatic increase in resonance, balance and range after only a week's worth of use.  

Subsequent treatments will help maintain your new vintage sound!

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"The ToneRite supercharged my instruments to their max in volume and tone! One of the most useful new products I've seen in a really long time!"
Alan Bibey
Member of Grasstowne
Two Time SPBGMA Mandolin Player of the Year




"When I received the ToneRite, I placed it on one of my mandolins that has not been played for quite a while. I set it on high and left it on for 72 hours. The mandolin was so much more open sounding and acquired a much more woody tone. The volume increased noticeably. I would highly recommend the ToneRite to anyone wishing to speed up the opening up process or to keep the mandolin warmed up. Thanks for such a great product."
Chris Stanley
Mandolin Luthier




"Since discovering and getting my first ToneRite® in 2009, I have not stopped using them. Unless an instrument is being played or conveyed, it is being 'ToneRited' around the clock. It opens up new instruments, wakes up those left unplayed for a while, and keeps them all feeling played in and warmed up for whenever I select one (or several) to play."
Paul Statman
Award Winning Mandolin Player/Actor/Producer



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