Q: How do I know the ToneRite is working?

A: The ToneRite is on and working if when you turn the power/harmonic controller to the ON position, the ToneRite begins to vibrate. While the ToneRite is on your instrument, place your hand on the top, back, headstock or sides to feel the transfer of energy.

Q: Does it matter how I orient my instrument?

A: No, it does not matter. We have seen excellent results on common stands, wall hangers and even luthier neck supports. We do recommend minimizing the amount of material touching your instrument to maximize the transfer of energy and prevent loss through interaction with other materials.

Q: How long is it safe to use the ToneRite on my instrument?

A: You cannot overuse the ToneRite on your instrument. We have found that most users use the ToneRite whenever they are not playing their instrument. This allows the ToneRite sufficient time to vastly improve your instruments tone and to keep the instrument at that level of excellence.

Q: What happens if I stop using my ToneRite?

A: Without continual ToneRite use, your instrument will begin to gradually lose the more detailed characteristics of its true sound. This can happen in as soon as a day and as much as a few weeks. The more broad tonal characteristics will start to fade after about a month. This is a natural process and is commonly referred to as an instrument 'falling asleep.' For this reason frequent use of your ToneRite is suggested. 

Q: What are some common effects of using the ToneRite on an instrument?

A: Luthiers, professionals and amateurs alike comment that using the ToneRite provides a sweet, more resonant, balanced and easier to play instrument than before using the ToneRite. You will notice the tonal improvement of your instrument and it will seem like notes are easier to pull during difficult passages. As expected, all instruments are different and the aging effects are similar in a general sense but very refined in a detailed sense. Knowing your instrument and taking some time to listen to it will make a huge difference in your search for beautiful tone.