About Us

Our Story

In the beginning...

For centuries, well-versed musicians and luthiers have acknowledged the importance of playing instruments regularly to achieve and maintain their optimum sound. However, when accomplished musician and engineer Agapitus (Augi) Lye purchased a new cello, he lacked the time necessary to adequately play-in the instrument. Utilizing his knowledge of acoustical physics and leaning on his engineering background, Augi built a prototype that would become the ToneRite.

Surprised by the tonal improvements that had occurred in Augi's cello in such a short time, his luthier, fellow musicians, and other professionals urged him to continue his research and it was from his exploration that ToneRite® was born.


The company was founded...

Through their ambitious studies of acoustical physics, advanced signal processing, engineering, and practiced musicians, the ToneRite® team have spent years perfecting the science of play-in.  Finally, by uniting tradition with technology, ToneRite® has collaborated with luthiers and musicians from around the world to conduct meticulous research of the play-in process. This dedication to their field’s advancement has brought the ToneRite® play-in device to fruition.

The ToneRite® Signature

The ToneRite® signature was the first commercially available product from ToneRite Inc in early 2007.  This product used Augi's original design and took the next step in signal processing and mechanical engineering to make portable, home-use play-in devices a reality.  By working with Luthiers around the globe, ToneRite® was able to learn and fine tune what would be required for everyday use of their product, as well as garnering crucial feedback.  The small Signature worked great as an instrument warm-up product that was light enough to take practically anywhere.

The ToneRite® Luthier

In mid-2008, ToneRite Inc. launched their second play-in product: the ToneRite® Luthier model.  This second generation ToneRite® incorporated all new electronics as well as signal processing capability.   The outer mold of the ToneRite was significantly improved to be more stable and versatile; the lessons and drawbacks learned from the ToneRite® Signature model were fixed. A new ToneRite® was born.  The Luthier model, so efficient at transferring energy to an instrument that it runs nearly silent, was designed to last a lifetime, even when being run continuously.  Any noise generated is unused vibrational energy that shows an inefficiency in the system.  Most of the customers that have used the Signature models are surprised by how quiet and effective the Luthier model is.  The ToneRite® is dedicated to providing the absolute best in customer support, engineering, and the advancement of the play-in process for acoustic instruments. 

The ToneRite® 3G

The 3G ToneRites® represent the newest advancements in de-dampening technology. They have been upgraded with a newer and more durable plastic construction, and have had the slide controller replaced with the more precise dial control knob. The 3G units are being produced with the newly patented Elastone™ Feet as well, which represent over a year of research and development. As with all of our units, no contact is ever made between the feet and the body of the instrument, so they are perfectly safe to use on even the most prized heirlooms and museum pieces. The 3G model is currently the most advanced play-in device in the world. 

Looking towards the future...

ToneRite® continues its research to this day and has established itself as the premier play-in research and development company.  By only hiring musician engineers, ToneRite® has been able to keep the focus on advancing the state-of-the-art while looking forward to bringing exciting new products and developments to the modern musician.  We encourage you to take a look at our growing line of ToneRite® products and try one for yourself.