Bass Guitar ToneRite

$ 149.00

One of the secrets of great sounding vintage instruments is the fact that they have been played-in for thousands of hours.  

The ToneRite accelerates the play-in process by using a set of sub-sonic frequencies to simulate the same physics as long term playing.  

Simply attach the ToneRite whenever you are not playing and expect to hear a dramatic increase in resonance, balance and range after only a week's worth of use.  

Subsequent treatments will help maintain your new vintage sound!

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"I checked out the Luke for the first time in 2 weeks. WOW!!! The guitar really has opened up and resonates like it never has before! The tone, specifically above the 15th fret has improved dramatically and the guitar sustains like crazy. I did full blast for about 72 hours and then left it on a low setting for 12 days. The Luke is a Steve Lukather model guitar made by Ernie Ball/Music Man. The model I have (the Luke III) has an alder body and a rosewood neck with two single coil DiMarzio pickups and a single DiMarzio Transition humbucker. Great playing instrument"
Scott Appleton
Guitar Tech for Rush and Def Leppard



"I put it on an Gibson electric guitar that I've had for several years that was always "stiff" feeling. After three days of ToneRite I can't put it down. I have to admit I thought something would be better, but I was astonished at the difference. It feels like my new favorite guitar now!"
Jeff King
Nashville Guitarist. 



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