Drum ToneRite

$ 199.00

One of the secrets of great sounding vintage instruments is the fact that they have been played-in for thousands of hours.  

The ToneRite accelerates the play-in process by using a set of sub-sonic frequencies to simulate the same physics as long term playing.  

Simply attach the ToneRite whenever you are not playing and expect to hear a dramatic increase in resonance, balance and range after only a week's worth of use.  

Subsequent treatments will help maintain your new vintage sound!

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"In the simplest of terms...the ToneRite has given my 2009 Ludwig Classic Maple drums a 'DEEP BREATH' of air. The drums still have the same nature, I like that. However, I believe we all know the difference between a shallow breath and a deep breath. My drums now seem to have a larger lung capacity. This is the best way for me to describe what has happened after using your cool device."

Chris Whipper Layton

Drummer for Stevie Ray Vaughan

& the Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band




"I have been experimenting with ToneRite. I installed one on a stave handmade snare drum and left it on for 72 hours. The next day I was giving a Pro Drummer a tour of my shop. He was sampling eight different snare drums. Without coaching he preferred the drum I had been testing and gave me a 25% deposit on the spot.This after informing me that he was not in the market for a new drum. The drum sounded open and had a bright finish."


Ed Mendel

Owner, Craftsman

Ancient Tree Drums



"96 hours on the ToneRite and the main snare is noticeably different. Our guitar tech noticed before I mentioned and Nate totally notice the change in sound. Its a massive ply snare and it gave it a rounder sound WITH a extra bit of attack/point than the note had before. Unbelievable!!!!!!!!! Everyone is talking about it backstage now. Guitar players in the band are jealous."

Steve Morrison

Drum Tech for Nate Morton on The Voice 

Owner of Drum Tech Service & Drummer of Stranger Things



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